Exporters’ Orientation Seminar – February 2018

What is it all about

Uganda Export Promotion Board routinely conducts Exporter Awareness activities - seminars, field visits, peer meetings etc - aimed at building exporters' awareness on issues affecting and/or influencing the export business environment. In this regard, UEPB will - in the month of February 2018 - be holding an Exporters' Orientation Seminar. Orientation seminars are aimed at preparing newly registered exporters on how to engage in export business - effectively and efficiently. This half-day session, to be held in the UEPB Boardroom, will focus on the Horticulture (Fruits and Vegetables) sub-sector, providing information and guidance on how to comply with Phytosanitary requirements (including quality, health and safety market-entry requirements).

This therefore is a call for expression of interest for exporters interested in participating in the seminar. Please filling out the form below - before the close of business, Tuesday 20 February 2018. For further information please contact Lwere John B or Ms. Kamoti Noreen on +256 (0)414 257 001 or email: helpdesk@ugandaexports.go.ug

Application Form: