Changes in Issuance of Preferential Certificates of Origin

In a bid to reduce time and cost of export documentation plus making it easier for exporters to access preferential certificates of origin, the procedure relating to issuance of these certificates has been revised.

With effect from 01 July 2016, preferential certificates of origin will be issued by Uganda Revenue Authority. This means that certificates will be obtained from and endorsed by Uganda Revenue Authority (URA).

What is required?

Exporters are required to register. If the exporter is already registered with Uganda Export Promotion Board (UEPB) then such an exporter needs not register again. However, for new exporters, registration will now be done online through. Click to go to registration website.

Where exactly do we get the certificates of origin?

Initially certificates of origin will be issued by the International Division, Customs Department – URA office on 8th Floor, Crested Towers, Kampala Uganda. In due course, the service will be extended to other URA offices in the region, once all administrative issues have be handled.

What will it cost?

With effect from 01 July 2016, export registration and preferential certificates of origin will be free.

What happens to the unused certificates of origin that I obtained from UEPB?

These certificates are still valid and usable. Once you have filled in the relevant details, please proceed to URA for endorsement.

What happens to a certificate(s) that we issued prior to 01 July 2016 but have not yet been presented to Customs?

If for one reason or another, an issued certificate has not been presented to Customs – for example vehicle breakdown or changes in shipping times – such certificates, since they were issued before 01 July 2016 by UEPB, are still valid – as longer as the stipulated validity period (relating to the given preferential trade regime) has not expired.

Do I need to go back to UEPB for registration or renewal?

UEPB will remain open to help exporters with the online registration. Make sure you have all your documents with you when you visit our offices for assistance. That is Certificate of Incorporation, Company Form 7 and export permit/license for controlled products. The officer will verify these documents and do the registration instantly.

How can I do the registration online?

    Go to the registration portal –
    Under “Online Services” in the top right corner, select “Self Registration of End-User”
    Fill in the form and Submit
    In your email, you will receive your initial login details.
    With these you will be able to log into the Customs System and do the Export Registration

Please NOTE

  • Make sure the company is tax registered (has a TIN No) and the designated individual to provide information on behalf of the company is also tax registered. User accounts are linked to your TIN registration
  • Accompanying documents will now be submitted electronically. Therefore scan all the required documents and have them ready, in digital form, when making the application.
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